Mhairi Black of the SNP
The SNP's Mhairi Black, 20, who ousted Labour's Douglas Alexander, is Britain's youngest MP since 1832Getty

Mhairi Black has made history by becoming Britain's youngest-ever MP at 20 year-old, ousting Labour front-bencher Douglas Alexander in the process.

Here are some facts about the marvel who has won the seat of Paisley and East Renfrewshire.

  • She is studying politics at the University of the West of Scotland, and has a year to go on her degree.
  • Despite her own political allegiance, she claims to be from solid Labour stock, and says her family worked in the Clydeside shipyards.
  • A self-confessed 'political geek, she also loves football, supporting Partick Thistle. She proudly claims she was one of the first girls to play for her school football team.
  • She claims to have participated in political marches from a young age, including a demonstration against the Iraq war (which began when she was eight).
  • She has volunteered for Oxfam, and travelled around Scotland with The Margo Mobile campaign, visiting deprived areas.
  • She has courted controversy due to her remarks on Twitter about Celtic Football Club, writing in October 2013 "I've only just realised - I really f***** hate Celtic" and "Celtic, yer a joke!#scum".
  • She will now be earning £67,000 a year as a Westminster MP - not bad for a 20 year-old.