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Argentina have won the Women's Hockey Champions trophy title six times so farGetty

The 2016 Women's Hockey Champions Trophy will be played in London from 18 to 26 June with six nations competing for gold. The women's competition started in 1987 and was changed from an annual to a biennial event in 2014 due to the introduction of the World Hockey League.

Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Argentina, United States of America and the Netherlands are the six teams that will take part in this edition of the Champions Trophy. Three teams in Australia, the Netherlands and Argentina have won the trophy six times each.

Where to watch live

Live coverage of the tournament will be available in the United Kingdom on BT Sport.

6/18/2016 Pool 12:00 Usa vs Australia
Pool 14:00 Argentina vs Great Britain
Pool 16:00 Netherlands vs New Zealand
6/19/2016 Pool 12:00 Usa vs Argentina
Pool 14:00 Netherlands vs Great Britain
Pool 16:00 Australia vs New Zealand
6/21/2016 Pool 14:30 Australia vs Argentina
Pool 18:00 Netherlands vs Usa
Pool 20:00 New Zealand vs Great Britain
6/23/2016 Pool 14:30 Argentina vs New Zealand
Pool 18:00 Australia vs Netherlands
Pool 20:00 Great Britain vs Usa
6/25/2016 Pool 12:00 Argentina vs Netherlands
Pool 14:00 New Zealand vs Usa
Pool 16:00 Great Britain vs Australia
6/26/2016 5th - 6th Place 14:00 TBD
3rd - 4th Place 16:15 TBD
1st - 2nd Place 18:30 TBD