• There are thousands of e-commerce tools that can help startup entrepreneurs.
  • Operating a successful e-commerce store is mostly influenced by the type of tools and software you make use of.
  • Depending on the business needs, there's tools for marketing, analytics, research, and customer support.
  • Wix is one of the simplest and easiest website-building platforms to make use of for new and e-commerce sites.

As the global ecommerce market heats up, so does the competition for enterprise-level solutions. Getting any new e-commerce store off the ground will require more than prior knowledge and market research. There are a plethora of great e-commerce tools which can help new startup entrepreneurs. These tools range from marketing, research, analytics, online, design, and just about everything in between. With thousands of tools to choose from and not enough time to read online reviews for each of them - we've compiled a list of some of the most worthwhile tools to consider.

Of course, not all of these tools will help you garner thousands of clients each day, the most important thing to remember is that these tools are specific to business-related needs. You will need to consider what your business needs, and which of these will help it grow.

Google Analytics

This might be one of the most important tools for your e-commerce business, especially if you're just starting. Doing prior research about market needs and trends will help you better understand how to approach clients with a new product or service. Google Analytics can help you with this, and more. It's fast and extremely easy to use. But if you're not satisfied with Google Analytics, you can always make use of Kissmetrics.

7 Of The Latest Ecommerce Tools Used
7 Of The Latest Ecommerce Tools Used By Startups Pixabay


Social media presence is everything these days. Be sure to make use of a platform that can help you control, regulate and track your social media presence in one single dashboard. Hootsuite offers social media assistance for smaller businesses, with some cool integrated features and additional tools.

Desk.com & Deskero

Great customer support is what helps you retain clients. It's hard to choose between Desk.com and Deskero, as both of these platforms can be integrated with your social media, and even your e-commerce site. The software is easy to use and above all extremely affordable. It helps to keep your customer support systems clutter-free and is user-friendly.

TRUiC Free Logo Maker

A great logo makes your business stand out. It's the one thing you will need that can make you easily recognizable in any part of the world, or online. The Really Useful Information Company offers a free logo maker that can help you design and download a new business logo with a few simple clicks. The free logo maker is just one of the great AI-powered business tools offered by TRUiC. There are a host of great business tools that will help new startup entrepreneurs save a lot of money.


Having an easy-to-use, and shopper-friendly e-commerce site makes all the difference. Wix is one of the most trusted, affordable, and simplest website-building platforms on the market. It offers attractive pricing plans for any type of business. Depending on what your requirements and business needs are, Wix makes it easy, and seamless to design, set up, and operate an e-commerce store on their systems. But of course, we'd suggest to first have a read at this Wix review before making a final decision.


With a great website, an active social media presence you will need an additional tool to help draw customers to your online store. CampaignMonitor is not as big as MailChimp, but it's become a trusted, and user-friendly email marketing and campaign management tool for new startups. Its features are quite similar to other platforms such as MailChimp and ConstantContact, but we've found this to be the best fit for new small startup businesses.


You might not have a large group of employees (yet), but a task managing platform that can help you manage, and collaborate with various team members on different projects can help streamline projects and increase productivity rates. ProofHub puts everything in one centralized dashboard, and from there you can easily monitor how new projects are progressing, and easily communicate with members remotely.

Final take

These and other tools are just a few of the great online business tools new startup owners can make use of to help grow their new entrepreneurial ventures. This list is by no means conclusive, for example using digital marketing research tools can be an absolute game changer. Some of these tools we discussed here might be better suited for larger companies, with large teams working remotely, but overall these tools are a quick solution to traditional business problems. Finally, these tools can help you avoid costly mistakes, draw in new customers, promote your e-commerce store, and finally help take your business to new heights.