Elon Musk
Elon Musk revealed how he found an insider who was leaking sensitive Tesla info. Wikimedia Commons

Elon Musk implemented an intelligent method to identify a Tesla employee who was sharing confidential information with the press. Tesla addressed the employee's actions to ensure confidentiality.

It is no secret that disclosing confidential company information can have serious consequences. Musk-led automobile company Tesla takes such matters seriously. In one instance, Musk implemented a method to identify an employee who shared confidential information.

Due to his large number of followers on X (currently 164 million), it can be challenging for tweets directed at prominent CEOs like Elon Musk to gain traction. One X user, however, successfully captured Musk's attention with a question about a Tesla employee.

X user Vaibhav Balghare (@NASAEarthMars) inquired about how Elon Musk identified a Tesla employee who was sharing confidential company information. In response, Musk explained his clever method to identify the employee.

Musk Reveals Technique to Identify Leaker

"We sent what appeared to be identical emails to all, but each was actually coded with either one or two spaces between sentences, forming a binary signature that identified the leaker," Musk said.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a canary trap is a technique used to identify the source of leaked information. It can be described as a "clever ploy to determine which canary is singing when under orders to remain silent."

It involves creating slightly modified versions of a confidential document and distributing them to a limited group. The specific variations in the leaked copy pinpoint the source if a leak occurs. It is worth noting that this effective method is used in security-conscious environments, not espionage in the traditional sense.

Musk opted not to pursue legal action after identifying the employee and retrieving the leaked information. The tech mogul cited being very busy at that time. This decision may not align with how Musk typically handles such situations.

This incident occurred during the global recession of 2008. At that time, Tesla's financial situation significantly differed from its current standing. In fact, the company faced near-bankruptcy on Christmas Eve of that year, following a period described as "extremely challenging."

Following the incident, the employee's stint with Tesla was terminated. While Elon Musk publicly stated they were "invited to further their career elsewhere," the specific details surrounding their departure are not publicly available.

Musk's explanation of how he identified a leaker of confidential information serves as a reminder for Tesla employees and potential hires about the importance of data security. In today's digital age, sophisticated methods can be used to detect leaks.

Tesla Reorganisation Planned Amidst Revenue Dip

Following a significant decline in quarterly profits, Tesla's stock price increased after CEO Elon Musk announced plans to expedite production of a lower-cost electric vehicle. Additionally, Musk confirmed Tesla's intention to launch its robotaxi service this summer.

On Wednesday, Musk said the company is due for a "reorganisation" following a net income of £0.88 billion and 18.69 billion ($1.1 billion and $21 billion) in revenue for the quarter. This statistic represents a 9 percent decrease in revenue compared to the $23.3 billion reported in the same period last year.

This month, Tesla announced a workforce reduction of over 10 percent in preparation for its next growth phase. "EV adoption rate globally is under pressure, and a lot of other auto manufacturers are pulling back on EVs and pursuing plug-in hybrids instead," he told analysts over the earnings call.

"We believe this is not the right strategy. And electric vehicles will ultimately dominate the market," Musk added.