Carlos Soria is the only climber in history to have scaled nine mountains over 8,000 metres after the age of 60, and he continues to pursue his goal of becoming the oldest climber to scale all 14 eight-thousanders.

Soria has been training in Norway during recent weeks, particularly in ice-climbing techniques and resistance skiing.

Still left on his list are Kanchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, the main peak of Shishapangma and Annapurna, which eluded him on his last expedition in spring owing to the arduous conditions on the mountain, and especially avalanches, which obliged the veteran climber to abandon his attempt.

The BBVA Carlos Soria Kanchenjunga 2013 expedition will be officially presented this Thursday Feb. 21st. During the press conference Carlos will also present a documentary about his "15th summit": Samagaon, a Nepalese village whose development he is supporting.

At the age of 74, Carlos Soria is attracting a great deal of attention, particularly on social networks. In addition to his record of being the person who has climbed the most eight-thousanders after the age of 60, he can also add the distinction of being the climber with the greatest number of fans on Facebook – Carlos likes to call them friends.

His official Facebook page,, already has over 233,000 friends, and the number is still growing. Carlos Soria's popularity on the social networks is also echoed by his success on YouTube,, with over 1, 285, 000 reproductions of videos on his channel , and over 3,500 followers on his Twitter account.