The Greek elections on June 17th is set to be one of the most highly anticipated changes in government over recent years, as voters in Greece face a stark choice as they head to the polls.

Greeks are said to be divided over whether to vote for pro OR anti bailout parties.

The decision could irrevocably change Greece's position in Europe as politicians, including France's newly elected President Francoise Hollande, has warned that if the Greeks voted AGAINST the bailout, then they could be kicked out of the Euro.

Greeks have already had to accept crippling austerity measures, as part of the country's bailout agreements and recent reports indicate that Greeks have been stockpiling canned food and dried pasta and withdrawing up to 800 million euros a day from the nation's banks as fears over an economic meltdown intensifies.

Further austerity squeezes may keep Greece in recession for a decade but markets are pegging hopes on Greeks voting for a pro-bailout party as it will help halt crisis contagion spreading across the eurozone meltdown.

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