Andy Murray is looking forward to the challenge of Wimbledon following his double triumph since last year's competition.

"I think from my side it probably put a little less pressure on myself but every year when Wimbledon comes around I think from now to the end of my career there's always going to be pressure and expectation and I expect a lot of myself so it's slightly different but once a tournament gets started it's always the same to me, it's more the few days beforehand that are quite tough," he said.

"It's different, people say pressure isn't a negative thing, pressure can be a good thing in all sports. Playing in front of a home crowd is a benefit. If Man United were playing Barcelona I'm sure the Man United fans or their manager would much rather them playing them at home than away, that's how sport works, so once I get on the court it helps, you tend to play good tennis when you've got the crowd behind you and that always helps," he said.

"It wasn't a disappointing experience, it was one of the best experiences I've had in my life, it gave me a lot of motivation, i responded to losing in that match in a slam much better than I had in any other slam final before, obviously a few weeks later came back to play some of the best tennis I've played up to that point at the Olympics, so I learned a lot from the Wimbledon final, It was a great experience to be part of that and hopefully I can put myself in that position again," he added.