Olympia Ohanian
Olympia while visiting Musée du Louvre (Photo: Olympia Ohanian/ Instagram)

Alexis Olympia Ohanian (Olympia) acquired her second major sports club, the TGL golf league team, the Los Angeles Golf Club, in June last year, cementing her position as the youngest two-team owner in professional sports.

The mini business mogul co-purchased the club with the help of her very successful parents, tennis great Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

Olympia first co-purchased Women's Soccer League Team Angel City, which Serena announced on social media in 2020.

Actor Natalie Portman set up the soccer franchise, rallying other high-profile industry leaders, including Jessica Chastain, Eva Longoria and America Ferrera, to form a female-led ownership team.

Ohanian disclosed Olympia's latest venture in a social media post, saying that the golf club would be co-owned with her sister, who had not yet been born.

When Olympia got her first stakes in the Angel City FC, Alexis told People Magazine in March 2023, "She doesn't understand that she is the youngest owner in pro sports... (We'll) try to keep that up for as long as we can."

"Right now, all Olympia knows is that Angel City FC is our team, and she loves cheering for them," he said.

Serena and Alexis have a combined worth of $330 million and are giving their daughter a leg up into the sports business world at the age of five.

Serena's net worth is $260 million, with $94 million being from career prize money- significantly more than all other professional women's tennis players.

Her husband has approximately $70 million net worth.

Serena Williams Scoring On and Off the Court

The 23 Grand Slam singles winner, one of the most successful tennis players in the Open era of tennis, has extended her fortune to the investment space, where she has financially backed over 85 companies.

Williams estimates that 14 companies that she has bankrolled have reached unicorn status. "Unicorn status" labels startups worth over 1 billion dollars that are innovative and slated to expand quickly.

Williams said over TikTok: "I invest in a lot of early companies, and I've always done this. I've been investing for over 14 years and just been an entrepreneur while I was playing tennis. It's super important for me to make a plan B while I was doing my plan A."

Williams launched Serena Ventures in 2014 to advocate for women and founders from underrepresented groups.

She said in a TikTok video that the idea came from a need for more venture capital directed at women and people of colour.

She said she thought it was a misquote hearing that an insignificant amount of VC money went to women.

"Well, they can't be real. Like, we're talking about trillions of dollars, and what do you mean less than 2% of that goes to women..."

"I also learned that even less went to people of colour. So I thought, 'My goodness. I'm a Black woman, and say my name isn't Serena Williams, or I hadn't had a career, that means I would have less than, well, not even less than 2%, a fraction of a chance to get money if I wanted to start a company.'"

Since its establishment, the company portfolio has comprised 79% underrepresented founders, 54% women founders, 47% Black founders and 11% Latino founders.