Star sprinter Usain Bolt told journalists in Paris on Tuesday (July 2) he wants to dominate the world of sprinting for the rest of his career.

"I've won everything already but now it is to show that I can be a dominant sprinter, you want to dominate for the rest of your career. I remember asking Michael Johnson 'why did you retire?' and he said 'I've won everything and I have dominated everything', and I want to be that person also, to dominate for the rest of my career, it's going to be hard and challenging because there's going to be younger, faster, better kids coming up and challenging you. So for me I strive on competition, I enjoy competing against the best because when you compete against the best, you show the world that you are a better person. So for me, I look forward to the younger kids coming up and I look forward to beating them all also," he said.