Eight children who survived a horrific coach crash in Switzerland on Tuesday that left 28 people dead have returned home to Belgium today.

A coach, which was carrying 52 people back to Belgium after a school skiing trip struck a tunnel wall in the Swiss Alps, killing all six adults on board along with 22 children. All the children were aged around 12 years old.

At a press conference,speaking in French, The head of the local police Christiane Varone said they would be talking to the children to find out what happened.

"Like what you think, we are currently attempting to ask the children some questions. No specific names will be revealed, but we will inquire all kids that are able to answer questions."

While the medical director Jean Pierre Deslarzes updated everyone on the status of the seriously injured children.

"The three kids are still in critical condition. So, considering the severity of their injuries, we hope they recuperate to their best condition"

As a sign of respect, all 27 Flags outside the European Union commission and Council were lowered as Belgium held a national day of mourning and a moments silence will also be observed.