Fabrice Muamba was lucky.

When he collapsed on the pitch, in London, medical experts immediately surrounded him with the best care.

When D Venkatesh collapsed whilst playing for the Bangalore Mars, the nearest medical help was a rick-shaw ride away.

The 27 year old was pronounced dead on arrival.

Vice-President of Hosmat Hospital, Dr. Benedict Royan, believes that the lack of medical assistance was crucial.


"There was no medical, that is what I have come to know. There was no ambulance, there was no oxygen and there was no trained person on the ground to treat him, to give the first aid. So if he had got first aid, the chances (of saving him) would have been there."

The Venkatesh family will receive compensation, whilst the India's football bosses claim that the game will be overhauled.

"In future, nothing of such incident will take place and we will see that all the matches have ambulances and the doctors and whatever, such as male nurses and other facilities that are required," Krishna Narayan said.

The All India Football Federation issued a statement, praying for Venkatesh's departed soul.

May he rest in peace, it said.