When it comes to booking a luxury trip finding the perfect location is always top of the list of priorities. With commercial long-distance travel now readily available, reaching distant locations is easier than ever. The world really is your oyster when it comes to picking your holiday destination.

Whether it's the African continent, the European mainland or Asian islands which catch your attention, holidays from leading travel advisors will ensure you have the perfect experience and cater to various destinations across the world.

Peregrine Reserve, an expert in luxury travel, offer connections to various worldwide destinations and have even compiled their own top ten list of luxury travel destinations to inspire those looking to book a much-needed break for 2013:

Top 10 PeregrineReserve.com luxury travel destinations in order of popularity:

1. Burma

If there is one place that should be seen with the help of a local family, it's Burma. This beautiful country is drenched in fascinating history but it's the people that truly make it special.


2. Sri Lanka

If getting up close and personal with some of the most beloved 'gentle giants' in the world sounds like your cup of tea, then the elephant orphanage of Sri Lanka is perfect.

Sri Lanka

3. India

As well as watching sunrise over the Himalayas, take in the thrilling chaos that constitutes the cities of Delhi and Jaipur and sample the famous local cuisine.


4. Italy

Italy Luxury Travel Tours give you the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks enjoying the finest food, wine and company this great culinary nation can offer.


5. Turkey

The alien landscapes of Cappadocia are beautiful, bewildering and best seen from the wicker basket of a hot air balloon. In between exploring the famous cave homes of the region, you'll have the opportunity to sample Turkish cuisine and explore underground cities.


6. Morocco

The legend of modern Morocco has been built around fantastic films and intriguing literary depictions but its position as a meeting point for African, Arabic and European cultures has been established for thousands of years. Make sure you have your haggling skills ready as you explore the great bazaars of this North African nation.


7. Laos

If you like to travel with style, Laos Luxury Travel Tours give you the opportunity to ride elephants, jump on river rafts and trek through the jungle in this breath taking region.


8. Cambodia

Let the serenity of one of South East Asia's most awe-inspiring countries wash over you as you move from incredible historical monument to peaceful Buddhist monastery to laid back café.


9. Japan

The unfathomable urban sprawl that makes up the astonishingly large Japanese city of Tokyo is a sight no seasoned traveller can miss. Teeming with life, Japanese culture inhabits a completely different world.


10. Vietnam

Though colonial influences have played a large part in determining the country's past, the distinct and beautiful Vietnamese national identity is a big attraction for visitors. Take in the wonderful coastline and countryside for an experience of a lifetime.