Financial security is the key to freedom. It doesn't take an exceptional amount of inheritance to be financially secure. Still, it does take a bit of planning, organization, and awareness to set yourself up nicely for the future. As uncertainty continues to loom and people see wild shifts from sectors like the housing market to investments, people are thinking more and more about their financial security. With this in mind, Marcus Blandin and Ron Earley explain why now is the best time to get serious about your finances.

Marcus Blandin & Ron Earley
Marcus Blandin & Ron Earley Marcus Blandin & Ron Earley

M​arcus Blandin is an entrepreneur, investor, best-selling author, and award-winning business coach who helps people cultivate a wealth-oriented mindset. "When our finances are in order, our lives are in order," says Marcus. "It's crucial that we have control over our money. It shouldn't control us." Ron Earley is a social media influencer and marketing expert who has worked with hundreds of successful individuals and multimillionaires. Ron believes that "it's never too late to build wealth. The time to start is now. It's certainly better than never."

Secure your future

"​Whether it's pandemics or social unrest, the world has seen some challenging times recently, making financial security an even bigger priority," explains Marcus. "Several industries have been seeing huge ups and downs, and financial security ensures that despite these swings, you will continue to be provided for," adds Ron. Marcus and Ron understand that strong finances, minimal debt, multiple cash flows, reserves, and strategic spending, can support any individual through the shifts we face as a global society.

Make a plan

Financial security is all about planning, and Marcus educates his audience on strategy and execution. "Making money is all about making the right moves at the right time," says Marcus. "Now is the perfect time to consider making a plan when it comes to your finances, especially if they took a hit last year. It's about finding opportunities that strengthen your resources instead of depleting them."

Stay committed

If now is the time you've decided to embrace financial growth, do not let anything distract you. "The world may feel uncertain at times, but that doesn't mean we have to suffer in that uncertainty," says Ron. "We are in charge of our destiny, and those who take charge can weather the storm." Ron believes that getting serious about your finances also means getting serious about your goals. Never lose sight of what you want and limit distractions.

I​t's never too late

"​I meet people all the time who tell me it's too late to start, and that couldn't be further from the truth," says Marcus Blandin. "The time is now. You can set yourself up for financial security at any age. It's great to start young, but it's more important just to start. Financial security can be enjoyed at every stage in life," states Ron Earley.

Embracing financial security at its core, Marcus Blandin and Ron Earley have made it their mission to help others feel confident with what they have. As per them, the first step is optimizing what you have and then setting yourself up for growth!