Blackphone, touted as the world's most secure Android phone, has reportedly been hacked in less than five minutes. This feat was accomplished at the recent DefCon hacking conference, by @TeamAndIRC, who are said to have obtained root access in under five minutes.

Blackphone is the brainchild of Geeksphone and Silent Circle, and the Android phone is designed to provide data security services, based on Google's Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Basically, Blackphone ensures consumer-level security by providing encryption mechanisms for phone calls, text messages, internet surfing and emails. Blackphone is also designed to provide internet access through Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Blackphone runs on a modified Android OS version termed 'PrivatOS' that is forked from Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, to provide multiple security tools/options.

Hackers declared at the Black Hat security conference that they discovered two security issues in Blackphone's security mechanism.

One issue was exploited by gaining access to the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), and the other issue was exploited by executing a chain of commands to obtain confidential data, by obtaining shell access.

However, the second issue has reportedly been fixed, and the first issue regarding opening up ADB is reportedly not a vulnerability, and the ADB was earlier closed (disabled) to prevent bugs.