An Irish athlete is currently at the center of two major sexual attack probes. He is reported to have offered one of his alleged victims a mind boggling pay-off exceeding €1 million. As of now, no conclusions have been made and no names have been revealed.

A recent report stated that the "sports star " made a huge cash offer to the alleged victim. In return, attempts were made to convince the woman to withdraw her rape allegations. The allegations included a rape with high violence.

The celebrity denied the allegations of brutally raping the victim in south Dublin.

The Director of Public Prosecutions has one of the Garda files on the investigation in their possession. The decision whether the alleged athlete is punishable or not, is expected to be out any day now. The file contains evidence that would disclose if the sports star can be charged with having raped the woman concerned.

Gardai previously interrogated the sports celebrity regarding the allegations, but the accused denied the claims at all instances. One of the sources said, "An offer of €1m has been made but it was flatly rejected by the victim who has refused to withdraw the ­complaint. The file is still with the DPP and a decision is expected very soon. The victim, in this case, has claimed there was a high level of violence used in this attack and the DPP will take time in examining the evidence before a decision is made."

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The Sun says that there is a high probability that the sports star will be preparing his second offer to compensate the woman for the physical and mental consequences. Reports claim that the star is willing to avoid any court case. Hence, he is attempting to compensate for the mistake, if any, in exchange for a hefty sum.

However, sources said that the compensation is not a reflection of the athlete's admission of guilt. Instead, he is simply looking for ways to avoid harm to his reputation.