Riot police were out in force in several Brazilian cities following the national team's humiliating world cup exit following a 7-1 thrashing by Germany.

Armed police were deployed during the fan festival on Copacabana beach, with gunshots heard as officers attempted to disperse the crowds.

One journalist who was in the area during the match told the Daily Star that, once Germany's fifth goal went in, "chaos" ensued and "everyone went wild."

The video below shows the chaos as fans attempted to flee the beach.

Fans run from Copacabana beach AP

Fans in Sao Paulo were photographed burning the country's national flag - though some Twitter users claim the image was from another protest last year.

Brazil had been gripped by unrest in the run-up to the Finals but apart from a few minor incidents the tournament itself has been relatively trouble-free.

Now, however, with the host nation not simply being eliminated but being completely humiliated on home soil, the country is bracing itself for a long night - and recriminations about the abysmal state of the team's defending to last a lot longer.

Towards the end of the match in Belo Horizonte many Brazilians could be seen streaming for the exits - probably heading off to drown their sorrows. Of those who remained, many booed their own side while others sportingly began to cheer their German conquerers. When Brazil DID manage to score at the end of 90 minutes there were more boos than cheers.

Despite Brazil's reputation as the true home of football, hosting the finals has divided the country. Many believe the money spent on the finals could have been spent on the country's infrastructure and raising public sector wages, whereas others believed the tournament was an opportunity to show the world what Brazil is capable of.