The European elections on 22 May might not seem of much importance to the UK public, but they could prove a historic moment in British politics. The latest opinion polls ahead of the election have the UK Independence Party in the lead, and if they do go on to win the largest share of the votes it would be the first time for almost a century that an outsider party had won a national election.

Ukip has enjoyed a meteoric rise in recent years under their irreverent and charismatic leader Nigel Farage, with he himself saying that the party are about to cause a 'political earthquake'. IBTimes spoke with Dr Matthew Goodwin, co-author of new book 'Revolt on the Right: Explaining support for the radical right in Britain' to find out how this populist right-wing party has managed to reach out to large parts of the electorate, and if the support they are receiving now can be sustained.