Preparing for ones retirement is quite challenging. Too many providers to choose from and too many packages and plans that you can avail of but, when you start asking questions - such as which one is suitable for you, how much is it, or how is their company performing - most often than not, they hand you a brochure or discuss the plans in abbreviated jargon.

Watch this video to get an idea on how majority of pension companies in the UK are.

The video is quite funny but, if you are not laughing then you are most likely a victim of one of these companies. Throwing away your hard earned money to pension premiums without anything concrete in hand to secure your golden years, is highway robbery.

Don't lose hope. Pension companies in the UK are now threatened by one company from Denmark - NOW: Pensions. They are now in the UK and are both slowly creating headlines and gaining popularity for living up to their slogan - "Truth, Transparency and Performance.

What about Truth and Transparency?

NOW: Pensions really helps people prepare for the prime of their lives without milking them for every hard earned penny. You ask them what your options are; they sit down with you and explain everything to you until all your concerns have been addressed. They will not just give you a brochure and leave you to figure out which one you would avail of.

In terms of costs, they are the lowest compared to other big named competitors. This may make you wonder a bit why they're cheaper than the others but, you will be surprised as to how much hidden charges are incorporated and padded into your premiums by competitor companies.

NOW: Pensions would tell you why their costs are low and discuss other issues that are holding you back from getting a pension.

Companies and businesses are going for Now: Pensions because they seem to set up pension schemes for employees and only charge them far less for managing their pension. Individual savers and members can equally get the same great value for their money as well.

The most appealing to more people is that they offer reduced implementation costs and running costs are also scrapped out.

What about Performance?

NOW: Pensions has a track record of having stable returns (for all Danish pension savers) for over 45 years in both rising and falling markets. This matrix alone proves that they are the real thing.

Having produced 40% better returns than the Danish average return to give members a better income at retirement over the past 10 years, is worth looking into.

For more information about their packages, visit the NOW:Pensions website.

This article is sponsored by Now: Pensions