Demonstrators protest against Syria's President Assad after Friday prayers near Adlb
Demonstrators protest against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad after Friday prayers near Adlb. Reuters

Five Syrian protesters have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police for entering the Syrian embassy in London on Saturday morning, it has been reported.

About 150 protesters gathered before the Belgrave Square embassy in response to the unconfirmed reports of the killings of more than 200 people in the Syrian city of Homs on Friday, the BBC reported.

"We came to the embassy because there were 300 people killed in Syria today, this is why we're here," the BBC reported Anass Toma, a Syrian MBA student as saying.

"People are angry. I'm worried about the situation back home. I've been in London two years but I'm Syrian, from Aleppo," he added.

There were reports of shelling at the Syrian city of Homs on Friday, by the Syrian security forces, in which more than 200 people are believed to be killed.

"Syrian forces are shelling the district with mortars from several locations, some buildings are on fire. There are also buildings which got destroyed," Reuters quoted Rami Abdulrahman, head of the British-based human rights group, as saying.

The UN security Council is meeting on Saturday morning to vote on a European-Arab draft resolution on the resignation of president Bashar-al-Assad.

"We don't know what message the Syrian regime is giving out with this massacre today - given the UN Security Council vote... we don't really understand what they're doing. But we must stop the bloodshed in Syria," the BBC quoted one of the protesters as saying.