The death toll in the on-going Syria conflict is now at 93,000, the United Nations Human Rights Office has said on Thursday (June 13). UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay announced the figures today. The latest figures are documented cases of individuals killed in Syria between March 2011 and the end of April 2013.

"The constant flow of killings continues at shockingly high levels - with more than 5,000 killings documented every month since last July, including a total of just under 27,000 new killings since 1 December. Unfortunately, as the study indicates, this is most likely a minimum casualty figure. The true number of those killed is potentially much higher," Pillay said.

"The killings of at least 7,055 minors, including at least 1,729 children under ten years old - have been documented. There are also well-documented cases of individual children being tortured and executed, and entire families, including babies, being massacred - which, along with this devastatingly high death toll, is a terrible reminder of just how vicious this conflict has become," he said.

"I urge the parties to declare an immediate ceasefire before tens of thousands more people are killed or injured. Nobody is gaining anything from this senseless carnage. And States with influence could, if they act collectively, do a lot more to bring the conflict to a swift end, thereby saving countless more lives. The only answer is a negotiated political solution. Tragically, shamefully, nothing will restore the 93,000 or more individual lives already lost," he said.