Walter Soriano, a litigation support and business intelligence expert, founder and CEO of USG Security Limited, has joined the Investigations Team Panel of PAVOCAT Ltd., a global counter-corruption company. Based in London, PAVOCAT was formed in 2019 to bring together some of the world's leading experts in the field of counter-corruption.

PAVOCAT's investigations team is led by Sir Hugh Orde OBE, the founder and former Chief Constable of the Police service of Northern Ireland and an international expert in policing, peace processes and crisis management. Walter Soriano will be helping and advising PAVOCAT in investigations, crisis management and asset recovery projects.


Other members of PAVOCAT's team of experts include international law expert and former DOO of the World Bank's Anti-Corruption Office, Lee Marler, former British army officer and operations specialist, James Stuart, and director of training at the International Anti-Corruption Resource Centre (IACRC), Mike Kramer.

A recognized and experienced expert in litigation support and crisis management operating globally, Mr Soriano, who is PAVOCAT's latest board member, has been actively involved in some of the largest private and commercial cases heard in the High Courts in United Kingdom over the past two decades, the announcement said.

Mr Soriano has an impressive track record in security and crisis action. Among his credentials, he is a Recognized Security Operator (RSO) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and his companies have for years certified the security plans (ISPS) for some of the biggest commercial fleets in the world, as well as many prominent airlines and airports worldwide, including Sochi Airport during the 2014 Winter Olympics. USG Security Limited is also providing training to UK Borders and H.M. Customs & Revenue staff, and litigation support to several of the most famous and recognized celebrities worldwide.

"Obviously, I am delighted and honoured to have been asked to contribute to the vitally important work that the PAVOCAT does. By joining forces with such an experienced and respected investigation team, I will be contributing to the fight against corruption wherever it is found. It's a very exciting role and I'm fully committed to helping PAVOCAT to achieve their objectives," Mr Soriano said, commenting on his appointment.

PAVOCAT said that its mission is "To provide counter-corruption services, designed to resist corrupt practices and to take action against them. These include counter-corruption, integrity and compliance services for governments, corporations and investors. For governments, benefits include higher revenues, increased investor and business confidence, enhanced training and accreditation of law enforcement officials, and greater popular support. For companies and individuals, PAVOCAT helps prevent or reduce loss and the risk of prosecution or sanction and mitigates the risk of investing and operating in challenging countries."