It was a meeting of two candidates from rival parties hoping to assume the most powerful office on Earth in one year from now, that of President of the United States. No, this wasn't a debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, but Zoltan Istvan and John McAfee.

Amid all the commotion over who will be selected as the Democrat and Republican nominee, the candidates for two US third parties met in Charlotte, North Carolina to discuss their views on US politics and their plans if they were president.

American writer and futurist Zoltan Istvan is running to raise awareness of transhumanist issues, with his aim to improve humanity through technology and science. Famed cybersecurity expert and IBTimes UK columnist John McAfee is running for the Cyber Party, with policies including ending the war on drugs, dissolving the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and ending military intervention overseas.

In an exclusive video, IBTimes UK captured the meeting between these two unconventional minds as they debated cybersecurity, immortality and the possibility of world peace.

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