Million Mask March protests took place around the globe as part of a world-wide protest organised by Anonymous, the hacktivist group.

Masked protesters demonstrated against a variety of issues including austerity, mass surveillance, and corruption in government, corporations and journalism.

The protests were designed to coincide with Guy Fawkes Day, and many wore the Guy Fawkes mask (popularised by the book and film V for Vendetta) which has come to symbolise the Anonymous movement.

The mask represents the 17th century conspirator who was part of a plan to blow up the House of Lords in 1605.

million mask march new york
Vapour streams out of a Guy Fawkes mask as a man smokes an E-cigarette during a Million Mask March protest in Union Square, New YorkReuters
million mask march new york
Supporters of the Anonymous movement wear Guy Fawkes masks in Times Square, New York, as they take part in the global Million Mask March protestsReuters
million mask march budapest
Protesters hold up their Guy Fawkes masks on the Liberty Bridge in Budapest, HungaryReuters
million mask march budapest
A protester shows writing on his palm, reading: 'Be the change yourself' as they cross the Szabadsag (Liberty) Bridge in BudapestAFP
million mask march london
A masked protester holds a flag outside the Houses of Parliament during the Million Mask March in LondonGetty
million mask march london
A masked protester lies down in the road in Piccadilly Circus in London during the Million Mask MarchGetty
million mask march Russell Brand
Russell Brand joins the protesters in London's Parliament SquareGetty
million mask march washington
Law enforcement officers stand outside FBI headquarters in Washington, DC during a Million Mask March protestAFP
million mask march san francisco
A drag queen named Heklina joins the Million Mask March protest in San Francisco, CaliforniaReuters
million mask
Pro-democracy protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks stand in front of an advertisement as they take a train to a protest site in Hong KongReuters
million mask march brussels
A pro-democracy protester wearing a Guy Fawkes mask holds up a sign on Brussels' Grand Place, BelgiumReuters
million mask march belgrade
Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks pose for a picture in a park in Belgrade, SerbiaReuters