pakistan hockey team
Pakistan won the 2013 Asian Men's Hockey Champions TrophyGetty

The 2016 Asian Men's Hockey Champions Trophy will be played in Malaysia's Kuantan district between 20 and 2 October with six teams competing for gold. The competition was launched in 2011, with this being the fourth edition of the tournament.

Pakistan, India, China, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia are the teams that will participate in the tournament. Sub-continent giants Pakistan are the defending champions and the most successful nation in the tournament having won it twice in the past.

Where to watch live

Live coverage of the tournament will be available in the United Kingdom on BT Sport and BT Sport HD.

Below is the complete complete schedule of the tournament:

20/10/2016 Pool 13:30 MALAYSIA vs PAKISTAN
Pool 15:30 INDIA vs JAPAN
21/10/2016 Pool 13:30 PAKISTAN vs SOUTH KOREA
Pool 15:30 MALAYSIA vs CHINA
22/10/2016 Pool 11:00 INDIA vs SOUTH KOREA
Pool 13:30 CHINA vs JAPAN
23/10/2016 Pool 11:00 INDIA vs PAKISTAN
Pool 13:30 MALAYSIA vs JAPAN
24/10/2016 Pool 11:00 SOUTH KOREA vs CHINA
25/10/2016 Pool 11:00 PAKISTAN vs JAPAN
Pool 13:30 INDIA vs CHINA
26/10/2016 Pool 11:00 SOUTH KOREA vs JAPAN
Pool 13:30 MALAYSIA vs INDIA
27/10/2016 Pool 11:00 PAKISTAN vs CHINA
29/10/2016 5th-6th PLACE 9:30 TBD
29/10/2016 Semi Final 11:00 TBD
29/10/2016 Semi Final 13:30 TBD
30/10/2016 Third Place match 11:00 TBD
30/10/2016 Final 13:30 TBD