1954 Mitcham
1954: British actress Simone Silva poses topless with the American star Robert Mitchum during the Cannes film festival. Having been elected 'Miss Festival', Simone Silva was asked to leave the festival after her semi-nude pose which resulted in one photographer breaking his arm and another his leg in the rush for picturesGetty
1956: Brigitte Bardot runs barefoot on the sands at CannesGetty
1957: Elizabeth Taylor and her husband, Mike Todd, attend the Cannes Film FestivalGetty
1959: Sophia Loren poses on the window ledge of her hotel in Cannes, where she was promoting the film 'Nella Citta L'Inferno' (aka 'Caged') by Renato CastellaniGetty
1960 fellini
1960: Federico Fellini, holding the Palme d'Or, awarded unanimously for his film La Dolce Vita, poses with fellow winners Melina Mercouri and Jeanne MoreauGetty
1961 delon
1961: Alain Delon signs autographs for young fans in Cannes during the film festivalGetty
1962: Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood pose for photographers at the Cannes Film FestivalGetty
delon loren
1962: Alain Delon, Sophia Loren and Romy Schneider arrive at the Cannes Festival PalaceAFP
1963: Christine Keeler attends the Cannes Film Festival. The following month British Secretary of State for War John Profumo resigned over his affair with KeelerGetty
1965: Ursula Andress is surrounded by members of the media at the Cannes Film FestivalGetty
1966: Catherine Deneuve and her husband David Bailey pose at the Cannes Film FestivalGetty
1972: Alfred Hitchcock poses on a boat during the Cannes Film FestivalGetty
1972: Francesca Annis and Jon Finch pose with Roman Polanski at the Cannes Film FestivalGetty
1973: Marcello Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve, Marco Ferreri and Andrea Ferreol pose together after the crowd booed at the screening of Ferreri's controversial film La Grande BouffeGetty
1974: Jean-Paul Belmondo smiles for the camera during the Cannes Film FestivalAFP
1974: Jane Birkin goes out on a pedalo during the 28th Cannes International Film FestivalAFP
1977: Arnold Schwarzenegger promotes the bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron during the 38th Cannes film festivalAFP