Who says only models and celebrities can make style statements or look gorgeous?

The world of news organisations too has its share of the bold and the beautiful. Online portal Collegetimes.us has put out a list of the hottest news anchors. They include KKTV-TV reporter Courtney Friel and magazine journalist Maria Bartiromo. Also on the list are Robin Meade, who hosts HLN's morning show "Morning Express with Robin Meade", Fox News Channel's Jenna Lee and CBS's new anchor Erica Hill .

Have an eyeful:

American reporter Courtney Friel works for KKTV-TV in LA, U.S. She also covers entertainment for the Fox11 station in LA and for Fox News Channel and local channels.PA
American TV journalist and magazine columnist Maria Bartiromo was working at CNN for five years before joining CNBC. She was co-anchor of the "Closing Bell" show and host and managing editor of "The Wall Street Journal Report" at CNBC. Interestingly, American songwriter Joey Ramone had a crush on Bartiromo in the late 1990s. He even composed a song titled "Maria Bartiromo" that appears on the "Don't Worry About Me" album released posthumously in 2002.PA
American Robin Meade (Left) is lead news anchor for HLN's "Morning Express with Robin Meade." She won a regional Emmy Award for covering the 1995 collision between a school bus and a train in Fox River Grove, Illinois, that killed seven and injured over 24 teenagers. She was voted the "Sexiest Newscaster" by a Playboy.com online poll, with 40% of the vote (16,145 votes over a total of 40,380) in 2004.PA
American news anchor Jenn Lee works for Fox News Channel where she co-hosts "Happening Now". She worked with Forbes.com as a news anchor and reporter before joining FBN.PA
American journalist Erica Hill (Middle) is the co-anchor of "The Early Show" on CBS. She has two children and is quite fluent in French. She was ranked at #35 in People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People edition in 2006.PA