Aditya Rangroo

Issues to Look Forward to in 2012

According to Reuters, some of the more important issues to look out for are the U.S. presidential elections, the London Olympics and the unrest in Syria, as well the nuclear conflict in Iran, the Eurozone debt crisis and the future of the North Korean state, among others...

Celebrity Fashion Disasters in 2011 [PHOTOS]

Celebrities go to any extent to look different. They won't hesitate to wear weird outfits or glasses to make a fashion statement. However, their attempts to look trendy sometimes fail to make an impact. They can even be disastrous.

The Dramatic Images of 2011 [PHOTOS]

It's pointless to give treatises on all these happenings at a time when the whole world is getting ready to welcome the New Year. And the only apt thing to do at the eleventh hour is nothing but to recall the events through the dramatic images of the year

MRI Test Better for Heart Patients: Study

The research findings can change the way people with suspected heart disease are assessed, potentially avoiding the need for tests that are invasive or use ionising radiation.