Jerad and Amanda Miller have been named as the couple who shot two police officers and one civilian dead in Las Vegas before committing suicide. Photos on their Facebook profiles show an interest in skulls and other portents of death.

Jerad gave his wife a bag emblazoned with a skull from Tim Burton's 'Nightmare Before Christmas' and took photos of her sitting on a throne decorated with Mexican 'Day of the Dead' skulls. In another photo, she is lying on a grave in a cemetery. The couple worked as street performers in Las Vegas, dressed as the Joker and his girlfriend Harley Quinn.

Days before the shooting Miller announced their deadly ambitions in a couple of Facebook posts. "Those of us who know the truth and dare speak it, know that the enemy we face are indeed our brothers," he wrote on June, 2. "To stop this oppression, I fear, can only be accomplished with bloodshed."

Jerad and Amanda Miller
Jerad and Amanda Miller dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn, in a photo uploaded to her Facebook profile on April 28 this yearFacebook
amanda jerad miller wedding
Amanda and Jerad Miller's wedding in September 2012Facebook
Jerad and Amanda Miller
'You may kiss the bride': Jerad and Amanda Miller's weddingFacebook
Las Vegas Shooting Suspects Jerad and Amanda Miller
Las Vegas shooting suspect Amanda Miller at a shooting rangeFacebook
Elvis gold gun
A gold gun previously owned by Elvis Presley, displayed at an Elvis museum in Las VegasFacebook
Amanda Miller lying on a graveFacebook
house of blues
Amanda Miller sitting on a chair decorated with Mexican 'Day of the Dead' skulls at the House of Blues in Las VegasFacebook
Amanda Miller Las Vegas
Amanda Miller looking out on Las Vegas from the StratosphereFacebook
amanda Miller Kiss
Amanda Miller with performers dressed as the band KissFacebook