This weekend saw two of the high points of geek culture as London and Preston both held ComicCon events.

As with many of these conventions, fans took the chance to break out their fancy dress to do some cosplay.

If you're cosplaying at ComicCon this weekend, tweet a photo to us at @IBTimesUK.

London ComicCon Cosplayers on the tube
Cosplayers in London brightened up many people's morning journeys.Twitter: Manuel Velez Manco ‏- @Hotbananafuzz
London ComicCon Cosplayers on the Tube
"Is it #comiccon in London today?" asked Simon, while travelling on London's trains. What could give him that idea?Twitter: Simon ‏– @E1geezer
London ComicCon Ghostbusters
This platoon of Ghostbusters should prevent any hauntings at ComicCon.Twitter: Sarah Chalke – @sarahchalke
London ComicCon Lego Batman cosplay
Potentially the most awesome example of cosplay at ComicCon: Scott Day's Lego Batman.Twitter: Scott Day – @LordPiston
London ComicCon Anime girls cosplayers
Possibly the creepiest example of cosplay at London ComicCon.Twitter: JPU Records ‏– @JPUrecords
London ComicCon Back to the Futures Delorian
The Delorian from Back to the Future – evidence that cosplaying is not limited to people.Twitter: Edward Prevost