Sixteen women wearing huge, elaborate costumes battled it out to become carnival queen in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.

The spectacular costumes – covered in feathers, sequins and jewels – can be more than five metres high and weigh up to 80kg, so it's perhaps not surprising that the women wearing them are wheeled onto the stage on castors to perform for the judges.

In this gallery IBTimesUK looks at this year's contestants. We reveal the winner at the end of the gallery.

Amanda Perdomo
Amanda Perdomo performs on stage in her elaborate costume
Amanda Perdomo 1
A closer look at Amanda Perdomo's costume, Mighty Amazon, designed by Daniel Pages
Veronica Gil Perez
Veronica Gil Perez wheels her playing card-themed costume onto the stage
Veronica Gil Perez 1
Veronica Gil Perez up close
Noemi Hormiga
Noemi Hormiga, one of the nominees for Queen of the 2013 Santa Cruz carnival, performs on stage
Noemi Hormiga 1
A closer look at Noemi Hormiga's bejewelled and feathered costume
Rocio Benitez
Rocio Benitez arrives on stage in her spectacular carnival outfit
Rocio Benitez 1
A more detailed look at Rocio Benitez's costume
Suleima Martin
Lion Queen: Suleima Martin
Suleima Martin 1
Naira Reyes
Naira Reyes performs in the carnival gala
Naira Reyes 1
Itziar Marrero
Itziar Marrero shows off her carnival costume
Itziar Marrero 1
Jennifer Alonso
Jennifer Alonso's Mexican-themed costume
Jennifer Alonso 1
Ariana Mejias
Pretty in pink: Ariana Mejias
Ariana Mejias 1
Carmen Desire Garcia
Carmen Desire Garcia wheels her huge costume onto the stage
Carmen Desire Garcia 1
Nuria Garcia
Nuria Garcia
Nuria Garcia 1
Sara Davila Lopez
Sara Davila Lopez
Sara Davila Lopez 1

At the end of the four-hour, all singing, all dancing spectacular gala, the judges announced the winner. Amanda Perdomo, wearing a costume called Mighty Amazon, designed by Daniel Pages, was crowned Queen of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival.

Amanda Perdomo celebrates after being crowned Queen of the 2014 Santa Cruz carnival in Tenerife