Politicians govern the nation and lay down effective policies to enhance the economic and social standard.

There have been instances, where many politicians have been termed as "weak," "incompetent" or having "myopic vision," but despite all the odds, there are some politicians who have done unconventional things.

According to the top-10-list.org, there are politicians who have made unconventional moves in their political career and the list includes Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Margaret Thatcher, Jesse Ventura, Ross Perot, and Barack Obama.

Check out the unconventional politicians.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.PA
Former British Prime Minister, also known as the Iron LadyPA
The wrestler, Jesse Ventura, became the Governor of Minnesota in 1998 and did something unconventional. Instead of residing in the Governor’s mansion, he decided to take residence in his home, Maple Grove.PA
Ross Perot, U.S. businessman and independent Presidential candidate appeared on TV and said that he would run as an independent if his supporters put his name on the ballot in all 50 states in 1992.PA
American President Barack Obama took a risk by signing the legislation to increase the U.S. debt ceiling and turning away the financial default, after Congress voted in favor of a bipartisan compromise deal in August 2011.PA