Smallest Hamster
Ohio State University College of Medicine have been researching the effects of teenage sex in later life and have concluded that errors can occur because of sexual experiences during the development of the brain.Pmaas, Netherlands

Teenage sex could lead to mood swings, brain development alterations and small reproductive tissues, a new study has found.

Ohio State University College of Medicine have concluded that early sexual experiences during the development of the brain.

Their research led them to engage a group of 40-day-old hamsters in sexual activity, a group of 80-day-old hamsters and a third group who engaged in no sexual activity.

They then underwent tests to check their moods to see if sexual activity throughout the different stages of a hamster's life affected it differently

They found that the 40-day-old hamsters put little-to-no effort into swimming, which could have pointed to depression. They also found they were frantic in their maze exploration – a sign of anxiety.

What's more, they also found that the reproductive tissues, seminal vesicles – which secrete semen – and vas deferens – which transport it – were smaller, depending on the age of the hamster when it first mated.

Co-author of the study said their findings on hamsters didn't necessarily apply directly to humans as hamsters are far less complex than humans.

He told a LiveScience, a science website: "Much more research needs to be done in both human and animal models to understand how these types of experiences translate into changes in mood and physiology."