Getty Images photographer Matt Cardy has returned to the flooded Somerset village he photographed a month ago. The floodwaters have largely receded and householders now face extensive – and expensive – repairs.

Top: A man stands in floodwater on the A361 at Burrowbridge on 10 February. Bottom: A car drives along the recently opened A361 on 17 MarchGetty
red car
Top: Flood water surrounds a house in the largely evacuated village of Moorland on the Somerset Levels on 19 February. Bottom: A car remains raised on blocks outside the house on 17 MarchGetty
Before and after: A car is parked in front of garages in the village of Moorland on 18 February and 17 MarchGetty
Before and after: Photographs of a headstone in the graveyard of Moorland church, taken on 6 February and 17 MarchGetty
red houses
Before and after: Matt Cardy photographed these houses in Moorland on 18 February and 17 MarchGetty
Before and after: These houses in the village of Moorland were partially submerged when they were photographed on 18 February. Today, a month later, the water has receded and the extensive repair work has startedGetty
Before and after: Properties in Moorland on 18 February and 17 MarchGetty