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Jessie J
Jessie J faces the chop from The VoiceReuters
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Jessie J faces the axe from the BBC talent show The Voice after slamming the show as "lame".

The Price Tag singer made the controversial statements during a recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show.

The 24-year-old star revealed that she was not pleased that she and her coaches had to wear the same outfits for all the blind auditions.

She told Norton: "It was lame and not thought through. It was so they could edit it."

According to a source, show bosses were angry with her comments and wanted to get rid of her.

The insider told the Daily Mirror: "Many of the show's most senior staff are angry that Jessie criticised the show's production values so publicly.

"She is paid a huge amount of money to be a big part of the show, and should be one of the show's most vocal supporters.

"It has had a huge impact on what many of the show's staff think about her."

Jessie J's comments could not have come at a worse time for the programme, which has seen ratings plummet drastically since the live shows began.

While the blind auditions brought in an average 10 millon viewers, last weekend saw ratings drop to just 6.9 million.

Acts including Cheryl Cole, Adele and Kylie Minogue have reportedly been lined up to replace the singer.

IBTimes UK has a look at the best five celebs who could fill Jessie's place in the hot seat