At least ten people have died in Italy after another deadly quake and subsequent aftershock rocked a region where its residents are still recovering from one just over a week ago. The epicentre of the 5.8 magnitude quake was in the northern province of Modena in Emilia. It happened just after 9am local time.

These shaky pictures are zoom-ins from a building cordoned off as rescue workers do what they can. And then as one building heaves, another comes down behind the cameraman.

Someone died here in Cavezzo but we're unsure yet whether they were trapped in this building. This looks like a local housing block - its rubble and metal spilling out across the road in front of it. According to officials, the death toll is likely to rise because both they (and a source from the Italian Red Cross) claim this devastation is indicative of many other buildings that have been toppled like toy bricks in the quake, with people trapped underneath. All compounded by an aftershock which came three hours later.

Here, the entire roof of a factory has slid off, with a car not quite escaping a huge slab of its concrete from the fallout. Luckily no-one was inside vehicle at the time and the factory appears to have been empty too.

With the 6.0 Magnitude quake of 9 days ago more than fresh in people's minds – it caused massive damage and killed seven people - the Italian PM Mario Monti has immediately pledged more aid for those affected.

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole