Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero believes he should be fit for this weekend's league match against Arsenal after recovering from a foot injury he suffered two weeks ago, according to ESPN.

The Argentine missed City's draws with Stoke and Sunderland, which helped Manchester United increase their lead at the top of the table to five points, with just seven matches left.

"It's hard to believe it happened while we are fighting for the title,'' ESPN quoted Aguero, "This is the real status of my injury. I got back from practice today and it's not bothering me.

"If it all goes well, I'll be at coach's disposal on Sunday. This is no time for moping. I've said it before and I'll say it again - we are going to fight until the end. That's our collective goal and I'm fully committed to it," he added.

City boss Roberto Mancini had earlier said the striker's injury was a "stupid" one. The manager's reluctance to disclose more details led to several rumours. One was that Aguero hurt himself while riding his son's mini-motorbike, while another claimed he tripped over a step at City's training facility.

However, the 23 year old has now revealed the actual reason for the lay-off was a swollen foot caused due to a bad reaction to a pain-killing spray applied when treating an injury he received while playing against Chelsea, a few weeks ago.

"During the match against Chelsea, I injured my ankle and it was sprayed with a topical anaesthetic that caused a burn on the upper part of my right foot,'' Aguero said.

"The injury worsened after a few days and when boils appeared I was told I wouldn't play against Stoke and then against Sunderland. You can imagine how I felt, being out of playing condition when my team is trying to take the championship. It's always worse from the bench. After that I started receiving incredible rumours about how it all happened. I know my life is very public and I'm willing to take criticism even if I disagree with it. But I will not sit quietly while lies are being spread - even more so if they cast doubt upon my professionalism. This is a simple injury and not a plot of intrigue," the Argentine added.

Aguero, who has 17 goals and seven assists from 27 league matches this season, moved to City from Athletico Madird last summer for a fee around £38 million.

Manchester City travel to Arsenal this weekend, in a match vital for both teams as City look to catch up with Manchester United and the Gunners continue their fight with London rivals Tottenham, Chelsea and Newcastle United for a Champions League spot.