Seen here, the shocking moment when a giant fish tank shattered in a busy shopping centre, unleashing a torrent of water that injured 16 people in Shanghai, China.

Glass and fish went flying into the crowd, with the force of the released water so strong that it swept nearby shoppers away.

This passer-by described what happened:

"I was just walking by and heard the explosion of this water tank."

"Just a pop sound, and then water came out."

Whilst people nearby suffered cuts and bruises from pieces of the 15cm thick acrylic glass, dozens of turtles, fish and small sharks were killed in the incident, according to local media.

Shen Weizhong of the Shanghai Bureau explained the likely cause of the fish tank to break:

"According to the experts' preliminary determination, the major reason is the brittle rupture of the aquarium under low temperature after long-time usage."

The aquarium, installed two years ago, had become a popular attraction at the Orient shopping centre. Police are now launching a further investigation into why the tank burst without warning.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner