General election in Australia
FILE PHOTO:Incumbent Prime Minister Scott Morrison, leader of the Australian Liberal Party, arrives to address supporters on the outcome of the country's general election in which he ran against Labor Party leader and expected next prime minister Anthony Albanese, in Sydney, Australia, May 21, 2022. Reuters

Australia's Labor government said it will move a parliamentary censure motion against former Liberal prime minister Scott Morrison this week after an inquiry found his secret appointment to multiple ministries undermined trust in government.

Morrison, who lost power in a general election in May, secretly accumulated five ministerial roles during the COVID-19 pandemic: health, finance, treasury, resources and home affairs.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Monday said a motion of censure would be introduced to the Labor-controlled House of Representative this week by either the leader of the house or the attorney general.

"This wasn't about a relationship between the former prime minister and his ministers. It's not a personal relationship between two mates over what happened down the pub," Albanese said during a news conference.

"This is about accountability of our democratic system, and whether the parliament was functioning properly."

An inquiry led by former High Court judge Virginia Bell last week made six recommendations for reform after finding the appointments likely hurt public confidence in government.

Having committed to all six changes, Albanese said legislation to require public notification of ministerial appointments will be introduced this week.

Regulatory changes that don't require legislation have already been made, he added.