Australian police have confiscated more than 300,000 U.S. dollars' worth of cannabis near the New South Wales town of Coffs Harbour on Thursday (April 4th).

The seizure is part of crackdown against cannabis.

Since 2012, the campaign has destroyed more than 25 million Australian dollars (26 million US dollars) worth of the drug, police said.

"Our aim is to disrupt the supply chain. It's to go and find and pull as many plants as we can and get cannabis off the street. Hopefully either drive prices up or keep prices stable, and that will discourage people we hope, to use cannabis," said Nick Bingham, Drug Squad Commander.

Local media said Thursday's operation started when cannabis crops were spotted by police helicopter and officers had to walk into the bushland to get the plants that were then winched out.

Local media added that the growers are not likely to be arrested as the crops were grown on public land.

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