Many people have become millionaires from investing in Bitcoin, while others have lost their money. However, investing in this digital currency is a successful venture. If you want to start Bitcoin trading BitProfit is a reliable application that a trader can use to buy Bitcoin.

Best Places to Purchase Bitcoin
Best Places to Purchase Bitcoin Pixabay

To invest in this virtual money, one should purchase it from a reliable and reputable exchange. These exchanges allow people to use locally available and preferred payment methods like credit cards and online payment options. On top of that, the preferred trading platform should be easy to use, fast, cheap and available 24/7. Here is a list of reliable places where people can purchase this digital currency. was one of the early Bitcoin exchange platforms created in 2011. Currently, is one of the most popular and reputable Bitcoin exchanges that is highly recognized globally. The exchange supports more than $1 trillion in transactions.

On top of that, the exchange has more than 36 million verified users because it ensures that its users enjoy fast transactions and low to zero transaction fees.

Along with that, allows its users to practice margin trading when trading this virtual money. You can also create a wallet with, which is easy.

What also contributes to being an open platform is that it is straightforward in providing information that users need to trade this virtual money.


Coinbase is a California-based Bitcoin exchange, one of the world's most genuine cryptocurrency exchanges. On top of that, this Bitcoin exchange offers a platform for users to purchase Bitcoin and a wallet where they can securely store this electronic currency.

Nevertheless, Coinbase accepts debit and credit card payments and charges a flat fee of $3.99. A Coinbase debit card supports not only Bitcoin but eight more cryptocurrencies. The debit card is free in the US.


Gemini is located in New York City and was founded in 2014 by two famous twins, Tyler and Cameroon Winklevoss. This exchange platform helps traders buy, sell, and trade this digital currency and supports 30 more different cryptocurrencies. There are tons of tools that this digital platform offers, so traders can buy and sell this digital currency and do many other things. Additionally, you can buy and sell this virtual asset via Gemini on the phone or on the website. The choice is yours.


Binance is also one of the world's leading and reputable exchanges offering free deposit and withdrawal fees for its customers in the United Kingdom. Binance supports buying Bitcoin and a vast range of other cryptocurrencies.


eToro is another renowned and reliable exchange globally because it allows people with minimal to zero trading skills to copy trading strategies and skills from established investors. This exchange platform has more than 20 million users from more than one hundred and forty countries worldwide.

eToro is a reliable platform because it allows users to buy this digital currency using USD and other national currencies through a bank account, credit card, or debit card. On top of that, eToro has a mobile app and website; therefore, people can trade and buy this digital currency from anywhere comfortably.


Uphold is an exchange platform with simple and transparent pricing structures, and it is not limited to trading Bitcoin but a variety of other cryptocurrencies. You can use this exchange on your mobile phone or your website hence why it offers convenience when buying this digital money.

The Bottom Line

You have many places where you can buy this virtual asset. However, the above list compiles the most reputable and easy-to-use exchanges. Hodlnaut and Kraken are other exchanges you can use.