The 2012 Boat Race, between Cambridge and Oxford, finished with the former winning the title and bragging rights. The annual race, on the River Thames, between the two university teams is one that generates much attention and pride.

Cambridge's win this year is, in some measure, revenge for their 2011 loss. Oxford pulled off a huge upset, last year, when they beat Cambridge. The win was one that caused quite some consternation among pundits, bookies and spectators.

In 2011, the Oxford team were dismissed as lighter and less experienced, only to upset odds and cruise home in a time of 17 minutes and 32 seconds, a dominant display to clinch the 157<sup>th Race by four lengths. The team had seemed weak all the way through the build-up to the race and their opponents much stronger, leading bookies to offer 2-1 on the latter.

However, the Dark Blues followed a relaxed rhythm on D-day and that proved vital to their victory.

Oxford won the toss and chose the Surrey side of the river, which gave them the advantage of the inside of the big bend in the middle of the course. They made the most of that advantage, putting in a big push just before Hammersmith Bridge to extend their lead by the time the boats reached Chiswick Steps.

Cambridge came fighting back and by the time the crews reached the crowds at Barn Elms, the two boats were level again.

As the Milepost corner unwound, Oxford's marginally better speed started to give them a slight lead and though Cambridge were looking strong, they seemed unable to catch up as Oxford pushed forward with confidence. As Oxford passed Winter-Levy's old school they had control of the race and were able to pull ahead across Cambridge and were quickly clear.

There was no thought of yielding from Cambridge, who improvised their rhythm and technique once they were behind but there was nothing much they could do.

The trophy went back to Oxford from Cambridge, who won in 2010 and that defeat, no doubt, played a big role in motivating the Light Blues this year.

Last year's teams:

Oxford (from bow): Moritz Hafner (Ger), Ben Myers (GB), Alec Dent (GB), Ben Ellison (GB), Karl Hudspith (GB), Constantine Louloudis (GB), George Whittaker (GB), Simon Hislop (GB), Cox: Sam Winter-Levy (GB)

Cambridge (from bow): Mike Thorp (GB), Joel Jennings (GB), Dan Rix-Standing (GB), Hardy Cubasch (Aus), George Nash (GB), Geoff Roth (Can), Derek Rasmussen (US), David Nelson (Aus), Cox: Liz Box (GB)