Brazil is gearing up to host "one of the most protected sporting events in history" which will be fortified with sophisticated US robots and Israeli drones along with German-made tanks.

Brazil has ordered 30 PackBot 510 robots which are used in the US military as part of the latest security measures for the Fifa World Cup to be held in 2014.

The robots have been bought from iRobot in the US as part of a $7.2m (£4.74m) deal. Each unit costs between $100,000 and $200,000.

"iRobot continues its international expansion, and Brazil represents an important market for the company's unmanned ground vehicles. iRobot is excited to be providing the company's state-of-the-art robotic technologies to Brazil as the country prepares for several high profile international events, including the 2014 World Cup," senior vice-president of the company, Frank Wilson.

According to the manufacturer, the robots perform "multiple missions for troops and public safety professionals, enhancing situational awareness, reducing risk and increasing mission success".

Equipped with cameras, the PackBots can be remotely operated. Nearly 2,000 such robots are operational in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Brazil has allocated nearly $900m (£592.m) for the sporting event.

The litmus test for the robots will be when Pope Francis arrives on his first visit in July. The security measures have also been devised keeping in mind the Rio Olympics 2016.

Brazilian police will be equipped with advanced facial recognition camera glasses which will enable them to capture 400 images per second.

Brazil has also ordered several Israeli-made drones costing nearly $25m and German-manufactured anti-aircraft tanks.

These deals are in addition to a contract signed with Russia for purchase of medium-range missiles and artillery batteries. Reports suggest that Brazil is also considering buying more fighter jets to strengthen its defence.