Brazilian fan
A Brazilian fan cries as she looks on in disbelief from a fan area in Brasilia

Not even the voodoo magic could save Brazil from the most humiliating semi-final defeat ever in football history as the Germans crushed the Brazilian team with a 7-1 victory to cruise towards the World Cup finals.

The roaring German players were making the most of Neymar Junior's absence, while the Brazilian team, the five-time World Cup champions, were displaying the worst defence.

Brazil players, the wearers of the iconic yellow jerseys, were slapped by an embarrassing 7-1 loss while their country and football fans looked on in sorrow and disbelief.

After the shocking match, Twitter was flooded with reactions from fans around the world. Despite the scale of Germany's glorious win, Brazil's loss became the most discussed topic across the world.

With 35.6 million Tweets, #BRA vs #GER is now the most discussed single sports game ever in Twitter history (beating Superbowl 48 with 24.9 million Tweets).

German striker, Miroslav Klose was the most mentioned player during the game for Germany, after becoming the all-time record goal scorer in World Cup finals. Klose has scored 16 goals over the four World Cup tournaments he's played in.

The match also set a new record for Tweets Per Minute, with a peak of 580,166 TPM when Sami Khedira scored Germany's fourth. The previous #WorldCup TPM peak ‒ 388,985 ‒ came when Brazil knocked out Chile on penalties (28 June 28).

In the immediate moments that followed their splendid win over Brazil, Germany's players took to Twitter to share their happiness with fans. Lukas Podolski even tweeted from the plane.

This global heat map shows how the match played out on Twitter.