A British woman has given birth to a 6.2 kg baby girl in Spain, Denia Hospital in Alicante announced on Wednesday (August 7), setting a new record for the biggest baby born naturally.

Maxine Marin, 40, gave birth to Maria Lorena Marin, who weighs twice as much as the average baby, at 4:43am.

The British mother, who lives in Spain with her Colombian partner decided to have a natural childbirth with no epidural although the mother almost regretted it due to the weight of the baby, Jaime explained.

Baby Maria was not the only big newborn baby in her family, her brothers weighed more than 4.5 kg when they were born.

Maxine said at 41 weeks she knew she was having a big baby, but had no idea Maria would be as big as she is, Spanish daily El Mundo reported. Her other children weighed over four kilos, she added.

The record for the world's heaviest baby - according to the Guinness Book of World Records - was a Canadian baby who was born in 1879 weighing 10.5 kg. Both parents had giantism.

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