The controversial political case of the blind Chinese dissident, Chen Guang cheng, who sheltered in a US embassy for six days and then returned to the Chinese authorities. Has received notification from Beijing, that he would be able to leave China and study in the US under a student visa. This piece of good news follows a plea on his sick bed over the phone to US officials at a congressional hearing. A reporter then asks him if he still wants to go to the United States.

Speaking in Mandarin Mr Cheng said:

"My situation is not good. I just found out that my friends were beaten up when they tried to visit me. I haven't been able to meet with the U.S. diplomats for two days. They were not allowed to see me when they came over. The situation is very bad. My wife wanted to go shopping today, but they didn't allow her to go, saying she must get clearance first. Then she was being followed and filmed by at least three people when she eventually went after getting permission."

Mr Chen is currently in a Beijing hospital, sealed off by Chinese police. US officials have so far failed to see him. U.S. It is believed that the Chinese are still holding Mr Chen in detention. The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has been in Beijing for high-level talks aimed at improving relations but these have been overshadowed by the Chen case.