New Lucky
Coffin to go: the New Lucky Restaurant youtube

Fancy a spot of beans on ghost or a nice meaty ghoulish? Then pop along to the always lively New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmadabad, India, where you can enjoy your meal surrounded by real coffins from a Muslim cemetery that once occupied the same spot.

"The graveyard brings good luck," says New Lucky's owner Krishan Kutti Nair. "Our business has been flourishing because of these graves. It gives people a unique experience. We have maintained the graves as they were. Our customers don't seem to mind."

Locals believe the remains are those of followers of a 16th-century Sufi saint buried nearby. Each morning waiters clean the coffins and place fresh flowers on them. Kutti denies there is anything disrespectful about dining with the dead:

"We begin our day by paying respects to the graves. We wipe them and cover them with cloth and also shower flowers on them. It is important to respect the dead."

The restaurant began life back in the 1950s when KH Mohammed opened a tea stall beside the cemetery. The tea stall was a success and as it expanded Mohammed and Kutti expanded, until the eatery walls surrounded some of the coffins. Now the restaurant has become celebrated as an establishment where the grave-y is groovy and the dhansak to die for.

Waiters traverse coffins carrying trays and none of the diners enjoying creepy crepes or terrifying thalis seems fazed by the close proximity of corpses. It's unclear whether smoking is banned, but you might see a little coffin. And if being surrounded by dead bodies puts you off your appetite don't worry – you cadaver nice cup of tea.