On April 6, 2019, UFC fighter Conor McGregor was accused of punching an unknown man inside a Dublin bar. Today, the former World Champion appeared in front of the Criminal Court of Justice in the Irish Capital for a hearing.

According to sources, the Irish fighter attacked the man at the Marble Arch Pub in Dublin's Drimnagh suburb earlier this year. Later, a CCTV footage belonging to the pub was also released.

McGregor was at the pub that night to promote his brand of Whisky. As per the CCTV footage, a man resembling the MMA fighter threw a punch at a person who was standing in the bar.

Earlier this morning, the fighter was seen wearing a navy patterned suit and was being accompanied by several of his bodyguards as he made his way to the hearing.

If convicted, McGregor might face a fine of £1,330 or a prison term for a maximum duration of six months. In a worst case scenario, he might be punished with both imprisonment and the monetary penalty.

Conor McGregor

Speaking to the Sun, McGregor said, "Whatever comes my way, I will face it. Whatever comes my way, I deserve it. I will face this head-on. I will not hide from it."

Days after the punching incident took place, it was reported that the fighter punched an old man because the latter refused to taste McGregor's Whisky.

Following the hearing today, session have been adjourned for three weeks until November 1. On that date, the 31-year old is expected to either contest the charges against him or make a plea. Currently, the UFC icon is on bail.

In March this year, McGregor announced his retirement from Mixed Martial Arts. However, recently, he used his social media handles to offer a hint regarding his changed state of mind. As per sources, the fighter might have been considering to make a comeback to the ring. As of now, his possible comeback is on hold due to the legal complications.