And so the day has approached, that is the so called end of the world- 21 12 2012. Or 'end of the long count', according to the ancient Mayan civilisation. And as you can see the world's media certainly isn't going to miss it either.

But for those that have taken it literally, the little previously known village of Bugarach in southern France is expected to be inundated with people who believe that camping on the mountainside and the village itself will be immune from any pending disaster.

And the Turkish town of Sirince, another site reputed to be safe from the end of the world, saw similar scenes.

With locals cashing in on the influx of visitors. While in China police have arrested 1,000members of a Christian group who have predicted that today will usher in three days of darkness.

However many believers are around the world are divided on its meaning. As experts said a new reading of the calendar revealed that the date in fact marks the start of a new era in the calendar.

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