It has just been reported that a number of people have been killed at 1 o'clock today near the Empire State Building in New York City, according to the police authorities.

We don't have an exact number of dead or injured at the moment, and figures suggest that up to ten people are involved. Police have confirmed that the shooter responsible, has, been killed in the incident, and, that 8 people are injured. They added that it doesn't appear to be a terrorist related incident. Theories suggest it could be gang related but again this is unconfirmed.

One witness, Aliyah Imam, told TV station Fox 5 News that the gunman was "shooting indiscriminately at people". She said a young woman standing next to her fell to the ground after being shot.

There is now a heavy police presence at the scene and we will bring you the latest news on the situation throughout the day.

Written and presented by Ann Salter