Spike Lee
Film director Spike Lee will no longer work with Chrisette Michele Reuters

Her decision to perform at Donald Trump's pre-inauguration ball provoked fierce backlash from the black community and made her the target of online ridicule, but it looks like Chrisette Michele's controversial gig hasn't just cost her the respect of scores of fans.

Hollywood filmmaker Spike Lee revealed he would be distancing himself from the Grammy-award-winning r'n'b singer after news emerged of her addition to the line-up – going as far as to drop her from his new project.

On his Twitter page, the Jungle Fever director said he had originally considering including one of her tracks in songs in his upcoming Netflix series, She's Gotta Have It – which is based on his 1988 film of the same name – but had had a change of heart in light of recent events.

"I Wuz Sorry To Read That "Sistuh Girl" Is Singin' At DT's Inauguration (And To Use His Fav Word-SAD)," he told his 747K followers.

"I Wuz Thinkin' 'bout Using Chrisette's Song- BLACK GIRL MAGIC In My Netflix Series SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT.... NOT ANYMORE. And Dat's Da Truth, Ruth."

As inauguration day kicked off, Lee took to Instagram again to encourage fans to "stay woke". Sharing a picture of the silhouette ofTrmp's predecessor, Obama, he wrote: "Folks If You Ain't WOKE By Today U Might Never Git WOKE. YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF. By Any Means Necessary. AND DATS DA TRUTH, RUTH."

Michele addressed the controversy in an open letter, after disappointed fans expressed disappointment and accused her of "selling out". Back in 2016, the 34-year-old took to the stage at the White House for a state dinner hosted by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

"My heart is broken for our country, for the hopes of our children, for the fights of those who came before us," Michele began in a message published to Instagram and Twitter. "I cry at the thought that Black History, American History might be in vain."

She added: "Today, I hope that Great Moments begin in peaceful & progressive conversation. I am willing to be a bridge. I don't mind 'These Stones', if they allow me to be a voice for the voiceless."